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Affordable Haircut near Me Is About a Mobile Hairdresser Who Comes to You in Woy Woy. Save You Time and All the Hassle of Getting to a Hair Salon.

Specialising in Pensioner Hair Cutting

5 Resons Why You Should Use Mobile Haircut Woy Woy

1. Disappointed with your last haircut?
2. Find hairdressers intimidating?
3. To hard to get to a barber or hair salon.
4. Hairdressers do not listen to you.
5. Want a hairdresser who will provide you with suggestions.

Hairdresser Comes to Your Home or Retirement Village.

Note: haircut service in a hospital or retirement village may require authorisation from that body.

Mobile Haircut For Older Women in Woy Woy

Regarding Covid

Mobile haircut Woy Woy gives you convenience and reduces your risk of contact with the general public. It is especially important in these Covid times for the elderly, immune-compromised or those wanting to have the security of their own surrounds. The hairdresser is fully vaccinated and wears a mask while attending to your hair.

Mobile Haircut For Older Men in Woy Woy

About Mobile Hairdresser for Pensioners

Hairdresser since 1981, comes with years of experience and knowledge, provides flexible hours and offers a service of convenience.

Not all clients are the same, all vary with different needs and wants.

Some will need patience, understanding, and a longer appointment time due to illness or age.

The hairdresser will always listen to what you would like; however, as a professional hairdresser will give you an honest opinion and any alternatives that would work best for you and your hair.

Kind Words From A Few Clients

How refreshing a hairdresser who creates hairstyles, not hair clones! How relaxing to sit and enjoy the attention as a person, not a head of hair on an assembly line. A rare happening!

Jill Littlewood
Thank you, John, for your undivided attention and special treatment I have received since I found you. You have my trust completely when you cut my hair.

Rowena Bass
I would have no hesitation in recommending this brilliant hairdresser to anyone. John is truly amazing. No-one else will ever touch my hair again. Thank you, for turning me from drab to fab.

Who Can Use Your Service?

Busy People
Corporate People
Groups of Two or More
Mothers With Young Children
People with Disabilities
Special Needs

Normal Hours

9 am - 4 pm Monday
9 am - 4 pm Tuesday
9 am - 4 pm Wednesday
9 am - 4 pm Thursday
9 am - 4 pm Friday
9 am - 4 pm Saturday
Closed Sunday's
Closed Public Holidays

Contacting Mobile Haircut Woy Woy

The best way to get a price or to book, an appointment.

When You Email, Text or Call Us 0406 633 006

Do include;
The suburb I am coming to?

Prefered appointment time and day?

Haircut service you require:
Trim up to (2.54cm) or less cut off?
Restyle up to (5.08cm) or less cut off?
Makeover up to (5.08cm) or more cut off?

The best time to call you back?