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Mobile Hairdresser Woy Woy Provides a Haircut at Home Service for Women, Men and Seniors in Woy Woy

Hairdresser Woy Woy

"Specialising in Haircut Makeovers"

Haircut At Home Woy Woy comes with years of experience and training and provides an alternative, convenient and easy to use mobile haircutting service for residents of Woy Woy and surrounding areas.

Providing a mobile haircut service to women, men, seniors, housebound or special needs.

Note: hair service in a hospital or retirement village may require consent or authorisation from that body.

Regarding Covid-19

Mobile haircut Woy Woy gives you convenience and reduces your risk of contact with the general public. It is especially important in these Covid times for the elderly, immune-compromised or those wanting to have the security of their own surrounds.

The hairdresser is fully covid vaccinated and has received his booster.


Mobile Hairdresser Haircut At Home Woy Woy

As a mobile hairdresser, I have no boundaries. It does come down to feasibility, practicality and the convenience offered.

John has performed several thousand haircuts on satisfied clients just like you for over 40 years.


Kind words from a few clients

Angela Conti
"Excellent haircutter, understands what client's hair can do and is realistic about the style."

Jeannie Mitchel
"Perfect cut! I have had so many compliments so have willingly passed John’s details on. So, glad I found you John."

Kate Hore-Lacy
"This is hands down the best hair cut I’ve ever had, it has movement and looks good even without styling.  Loving it, telling all my friends."


Normal Hours
Monday to Saturday 9 am till 4 pm.

After Hours
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4:01 am till 9 pm.

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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